About Me

Well Hello!

Let's start off with the basics: my name is Janee {like Renee but with a 'J'} Rose Lookerse {Low-curse}.
But you can call me Jay.

I'm 27 years old. I live in Boston, MA with my wonderful husband, The Beard, and my darling parakeet, Luna. We moved here in June of 2012 from LA, CA. I love Boston with all my heart, it's my favorite place to be.

I grew up and went to school in Southern California. I have a BFA in Art, with an emphasis in photography.

The Beard and I have known each other since we were babies. We're from the same hometown, dated for 6 years, and now have been married for three years. I love my man and I'm so very thankful for him. If you want to have a look here are our ENGAGEMENT, WEDDING and  HONEYMOON photos. {We got married B.P. - before Pinterest}

It is not my intention for my blog to be about religion so I don't mention it very often, but just so you know up front I am a lover of Jesus and I believe he saved us with his blood. If you see me bring it up from time to time it's because this is my blog about my life and I want to be as genuine and candid with you my dear readers as I can be. If you wish to talk about it further please feel free to email me.

Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard started as a way for me to push myself creatively. It also serves as a place for me to document the goings on of life. I have loved every minute of the experience. I've met so many lovely people and learned so many new things. I hope you'll share this experience with me and come back again, and again, and again :) Thank you for visiting my blog!

If you want to read more about me check out THESE posts. If you want to read about my adventures with The Beard check out THESE posts.

Feel free to email me anytime!